Il Biennale di Venezia

I got a heads up about a call for volunteers. Check it out if you’re interested, sounds like a decent little chunk of experience.

“The event, The Padiglione Italia Nel Mondo at the 2011 Biennale of Venice, will take place between the 6th of July until the end of October. The hours are Monday to Friday from 1pm to 5pm and Saturday and Sunday from 2pm to 6pm. The Casa d’Italia is located at 505, rue Jean-Talon est corner Berri. Closest metro is Jean-Talon through the north exit. The artists presenting are Leda Montereali Privacy, Luci Mastropasqua Matteo, and Mario Merola Triptyh of Seasons. This event in its 54th year also commemorates the 150th anniversary of Italy’s unification.

The volunteer position is that of a gallery sitter who will be well-read on information regarding the event. The shifts are 4 hours each during the week Monday to Friday 1pm to 5pm and the the weekend 2pm to 6pm Saturday and  Sunday. Volunteers will also receive a Letter of Recognition for their hours worked during the event. For more information please contact Lauren Lopez, email:, Casa d’Italia phone number: 514-271-2524.”

I’d get in on this, but my fashion buyer duties call.

~ by ashcanmontreal on July 9, 2011.

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