About Ashcan

The Ashcan School of Thought

Those who align themselves with realism, displaying the grime and grit of the day to day life as well as the beauty that underlines those scenes. Without lavish decoration and ornate additions Apostles of Ugliness deliver insight into the beauty that surrounds you everyday, this is the Ashcan school tradition. There is artistic spirit and sites to behold in there everyday world or one can seek them out in institutions, Ashcan would like to be there for both.

Ashcan Montreal

From independent shows, Montreal visual culture, independent musical projects and spaces, architectural projects, art lectures and workshops to gallery and large scale museums exhibitions Ashcan is interested in exploring the multifaceted art scene that is Montreal. A bit more light hearted than the somewhat dreary ideology of the original Ashcan School ways of thought, this is a personal practice in expression about the city one loves, the styles that makes it up, the art it holds, the music to be heard, and the fashion that bathes the people.  These are the things I like.

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