Montreal Fringe 2011

So it’s Fringe time in Montreal and the shows are stacking up. It’s the best time to get out there and see some theater, music, comedy and everything else it’s offering up. I have to say that when I general head out for shows they are of the musical variety and I’ll catch visual art exhibitions when I can but I don’t get out enough to plays and Fringe always allows me to correct that for a little bit. This year I’m delighted to know a few folks putting on shows that I can’t wait to see.

Opening on June 11th and going to the 19th at Petit Campus first up in my books is “Robby Hoffman: Autobiography (So what, you think you’re better than me?). I lifted below from the event page. It should be fabulous and delightful. Go. It’s 10$. I’ll be there.

“Meet the woman whose hilarity has tickled audiences all over Canada and the U.S!
Born in Brooklyn Robby moved to Montréal in 1990’s when plaid was the peak of fashion. She has since proven herself to be a fast rising star in the comedy world. She has been featured at Just for Laughs event for Auberge Shalom and the Meow Mix and regularly appears at the Comedyworks and Comedy Nest comedy clubs. Being the seventh child of a hearing impaired Jewish mother of ten, what was most important to her was ensuring that she didn’t become the biggest f*%k-up in the family. The odds were in her favour—her brother impregnated a toothless girl from Charlemagne (the birthplace of Celine Dion), which made Robby’s questionable sexual preference and career choice switch from accountant to comedian less of a blow to her mother.

So, instead of getting your autobiographical fix from something like “Confessions of an Heiress: A Tongue-in-Chic Peek Behind the Pose” by Paris Hilton, come get that same fix live at Robby Hoffman’s very own Fringe show. Laugh out loud at her stand-up and video interviews with friends, family, neighbours, Source employees, local celebrities and comedians.”

So if you want some more info on Robby and her comedy check out her site.

Next up is another comedic one man show looking back at childhood. Dan Bingham’s Adopt This! Showing at the Portuguese Association 4170 St Urbain from June 11-19th Bingham is taking a whack at the autobiography genre as well.

“Comedian Dan Bingham lays bare the emotional wreckage of his childhood for your amusement in this hilarious and reflective look at growing up adopted. Raised by a strict, Irish Catholic mother and her hoarding, abusive boyfriend, Dan’s one-man show takes us from his troubled childhood to his only slightly less troubled adulthood as he comes to terms with his past and reunites with his rowdy Scottish family, The Biologicals.”

Again tickets are going to be 10$ and having hung out some with Dan in the past, it should be pretty damn good. Check out his site for more of what he does.

Check out the Fringe site for more shows. Go see something and support the lovely talent.

~ by ashcanmontreal on June 5, 2011.

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